Priorities (Accordion)

As a Hermantown City Councilor, Grant Hauschild prioritizes addressing the bread-and-butter issues that matter most to us.  He works hard to bring state investments back into the community, and he’ll do the same as a Minnesota State Senator. Some of his top priorities are highlighted below.

Focus on Families

The heart of the Northland is its people, and we must ensure they have what they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. This means supporting our families with childcare tax credits and paid family leave, so parents can spend time with their newborns. It means we need to fully fund our schools with state funding keep property taxes from continuing to rise, and it means ensuring housing is affordable for those just starting out. These investments in our people will make it easier for young people to stay in the region and grow our communities.

Keeping Government out of Women’s Healthcare

Women have the right to make their own health care decisions and they don’t need the government telling them when or if to start a family. We should keep government mandates out of women’s doctors’ offices and protect their privacy. The Minnesota State Senate could be ground zero for this issue, which is why we need a Senator who will defend women’s rights and protect our freedoms.

Keeping our Communities Strong and Safe

Our region thrives when our communities are strong and secure. The mental health crises we face as a country affects us here in northern Minnesota, and we need to expand our mental health services to support our neighbors in need.

The first responders who serve the Northland need our support too. This includes our police departments, who can use increased public safety funding to hire and train more officers. This also includes our critical Emergency Medical Services (EMS). We need to fix the EMS funding gap, so we can guarantee that ambulances reach our most rural residents during the emergencies when seconds count.

Retiring with Dignity

Seniors on fixed incomes should not be double-taxed on the Social Security income they’ve paid into their entire lives. Many cannot afford the extra expense, forcing them to relocate to states that do not tax social security. Our seniors deserve to stay close to their loved ones in northern Minnesota, in the communities where they’ve raised their families and built their lives.

Growing our Regional Economy

Thanks to the Northland’s abundant natural resources, we have a strong history of mining, forestry, and tourism. We must support these industries while diversifying into new ones to boost our regional economy. Supporting small business entrepreneurs will encourage them to grow their companies locally, creating new jobs and industries alike. And investment in broadband will enable all Northern Minnesotans to learn, work and play no matter where they live.

Making Healthcare Affordable

A cancer diagnosis should not come with the threat of bankruptcy. Grant faces this reality every day, as he oversees a charitable hospital foundation for patients who can’t afford the care they need. While he is proud of the work he does for families, his goal is to make jobs like his less necessary. Patients should not have to depend on fundraising or GoFundMe pages to access treatment. By holding insurance and drug companies accountable for skyrocketing prices, we can reduce healthcare costs to ensure everyone in the Northland can afford the care they deserve.

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