Myra’s Priorities

Putting People First

Livible Wages for All

Myra Payne is committed to ensuring that every individual in District 19 receives a fair and livable wage, allowing them to meet their basic needs and thrive in their communities.

Accessible Healthcare

Myra Payne will work tirelessly to ensure that all residents of District 19 have access to affordable healthcare services. With her unique perspective as a nurse, she understands the importance of quality healthcare in promoting well-being and improving lives.

Quality Education

Recognizing the importance of a quality education, Myra Payne is dedicated to improving the education system in District 19. She actively engages with young people and works to ensure that every child receives a sound and inclusive education.

Protecting Our Environment

Myra Payne is committed to protecting and preserving the natural resources of District 19. She recognizes the significance of environmental sustainability and strives to implement policies that promote conservation and responsible use of resources.

Responsible Gun Ownership

Myra Payne supports responsible gun control measures to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents in District 19. She advocates for common-sense gun laws that balance individual rights with public safety.

Protect Reproductive Freedom

Myra Payne stands firmly for reproductive rights and supporting women’s health. She believes in empowering individuals to make their own decisions regarding their reproductive health.

Supporting Our Heroes

Myra Payne is an advocate for the military community. She’s calling for more resources to enhance veterans’ quality of life. She believes in providing support to military families and creating a strong and inclusive community that values their contributions and sacrifices.

Equality and Inclusion for All

Myra Payne is a champion for LGBTQ rights and equality. She believes in promoting inclusivity, acceptance, and equal rights for all members of the community in District 19, fostering a more diverse and tolerant society.

Ensuring Affordable Housing

Myra Payne recognizes the importance of ensuring affordable housing options for individuals and families, and will work to implement policies that promote affordability, increase access to affordable housing programs, and address the challenges of rising housing costs.