“Your Voice, Your Values”

Myra Payne for VA Senate District 19

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Meet Myra

Myra Payne’s commitment to serving others extends beyond her military service and nursing career. Through her involvement in the community, Myra has gained a deep understanding of the issues that matter most to the residents of District 19.

She believes that everyone in District 19 deserves a livable wage, quality education for their children, and access to affordable healthcare. Myra is determined to be the voice for her community and advocate for their needs in the Virginia Senate.

4 C’s: Myra Payne’s Values


Myra Payne is a strong advocate for the diverse communities of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. She listens to the concerns and fights for the rights of veterans, active military members, seniors, and children’s education. Myra is dedicated to representing the interests and needs of the people in District 19 and making sure their voices are heard.

Core Values

Myra Payne believes in core values that matter: equity, fairness, integrity, and opportunities. She is dedicated to standing up for what’s right and ensuring that the people she represents are treated with fairness and integrity. Myra will work hard to make sure these principles are at the heart of everything she does.


Myra Payne is dedicated to fostering connectedness by bridging the gap between government policies, laws, rules, and the residents of the 19th district. She ensures that the concerns and needs of the community are not only heard but also understood by those in positions of authority. Myra believes in being open and honest, and she wants to encourage conversations that help the government and the people work together.


Myra Payne is committed to representing your interests and striving for positive change. She understands the importance of listening to the concerns and needs of the community, and she is committed to taking action. She will be your voice in the decision-making process. Myra will work closely with fellow legislators, community leaders, and residents to find innovative solutions to the challenges we face.


Accessible Healthcare

Myra will ensure that District 19 has access to healthcare. With her unique perspective as a nurse, she understands the importance of quality healthcare in promoting well-being and improving lives.

Protect Reproductive Freedom

Myra Payne is a strong advocate for reproductive rights and women’s health. She believes in empowering individuals to make their own informed decisions regarding their reproductive health and well-being.

Responsible Gun Ownership

Myra Payne supports responsible gun control measures to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents in District 19. She advocates for common-sense gun laws that balance individual rights with public safety.


As a State Senator, Myra will focus on the bread-and-butter issues that matter most to our communities.

Virginia Senate District 19 Map

District 19 includes the southeastern part of Virginia Beach, stretching from Birdneck Road and 19th Street, and extending southeastward to Chesapeake, all the way to the Dismal Swamp and the North Carolina border.

This includes communities in:

  • Chesapeake City
  • Virginia Beach City